Why You Should Never Get Caught Driving Under The Influence of Cannabis

Even though the possession of marijuana is legal in Oregon, driving under the influence of the substance is not. Marijuana-based cannabis has a chemical compound called tetrahydrocannabinol, THC, which causes psychoactive effects resulting in impaired driving by marijuana intoxication.

The Greener Facts

A published study concluded that the smoking of cannabis only induced psychoactive effects about ten minutes after smoking the substance. It was then found that only after 30 minutes, the psychoactive effects caused by the THC intensified impaired driving.

Levels and Limits

Based on the information above, the same cannot be said about alcohol. This is an important factor to consider because most people haven’t caught on yet that you can get a DUI from marijuana intoxication.

The effects of alcohol in the blood system have completely different reactions. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has set the legal blood-alcohol limit at 0.08%.

However, if you’ve had a few too many to drink, your blood-alcohol levels can take more than four hours to normalize. It is also a lot harder to measure marijuana intoxication by using a blood test as these can be inaccurate as well as the high costs involved with blood sampling at private laboratories.

How Do You Get Tested For Marijuana Intoxication?

Police officers usually only collect blood samples for drug testing when fatal car accidents occur. Unlike other states, Oregon does not have a legal limit to marijuana intoxication nor does it use breathalyzers to test for controlled substance intoxication.

Law enforcement officials are specifically trained to look for signs and symptoms of drivers driving under the influence of a marijuana. Officials can call on Drug Recognition Evaluators to examine an intoxicated driver.

They look for signs such as reddish eyes, the smell of marijuana, bodily tremors, perception impairment, paranoia, disorientation, and other symptoms. These signs and symptoms can last up to three hours if not longer in cases of a marijuana overdose.

The Final Hit

It is important to note that the chemical compounds in marijuana can stay in your system for weeks on end even if you smoked the substance three weeks ago. This coupled with the tell-tale signs of marijuana intoxication is enough to get you arrested and criminally charged.

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