The Lowdown on Police Procedure When Dealing With A Cannabis DUI

Now that marijuana is legal in the state of Oregon, law enforcement officials are even more fervent as before in keeping marijuana-intoxicated drivers off the streets. This is primarily because the funding which was once used for tactical gear and vehicles came from various law enforcement departments.

Law Enforcement Agencies

These departments were pushing for extra financial resources to clamp down on the possession and recreational use of marijuana. Ultimately, this made their track record look really good too. However, as a result of the new law, there is no more funding of this kind.

How Can You Be Charged With A Cannabis DUI?

Whether you’re driving under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances, the signs are all still the same. A cannabis DUI can be proven if you, as a driver, are driving on a public road while experiencing the noticeable effects of a controlled substance.

This also applies in the case of intoxication of a combination of alcohol and a controlled substance. Noticeable effects of intoxication include bodily tremors, dilated pupils, paranoia, impaired perception and motor skills, high pulse rate and blood pressure levels.

What Are The Consequences?

If you are found driving under the influence of marijuana, you will be arrested and held in custody overnight. Provided your first call is to your lawyer, you will be released the following day and hopefully wrangled yourself out of criminal charges.

The criminal charges of a first marijuana DUI offense are referred to as a Class A misdemeanor charge. The consequences of this charge include jail time for up to twelve months, hefty monetary fines, as well as driving restrictions. An example of a driving restriction can be that the offender is only allowed to drive a vehicle to work and back home.

Marijuana DUI offenders who are caught either a second or third time face much more severe penalties. This includes a lengthy prison sentence, heftier monetary fines, as well as the confiscation of their vehicle and driving privileges.

Simply put, this means you are banned from driving. Be responsible and wise in your choices when taking legal controlled substances.

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